🌱 Welcome to Evolutioninst!

🚀 Evolutioninst is a fun single-player evolution game created using Svelte, JS Canvas, and Tailwind CSS. In this game, players combine different items they have unlocked to gain even more items, such as water + sun = hot water and many more. There are also cool achievements to unlock.

🌞 To make the game even more fun and educational, there is an awesome fact teller that gives users cool facts about the items they have unlocked, furthering the learning potential of this game.

👀 We hope you enjoy playing Evolutioninst as much as we enjoyed creating it! Please feel free to leave feedback or suggestions for future updates. You can also contact us through the website if you have any questions.

🌟 In addition, we arealways looking for new opportunities to improve our skills and create fun, interactive projects for people to enjoy. If you have any ideas or would like to work together, don't hesitate to reach out!

🎉 Play Evolutioninst today and see how much you can evolve!